Includes a Santa, snowman, reindeer or Christmas elf design to get guests involved in a bit of Christmas colouring. Assemble each cracker with the iconic snap, paper hat and joke scroll or add your own Christmas cracker fillers before closing. Finish with a bow of ribbon then add your homemade crackers and name cards to your Christmas table setting ready for the Christmas roast.

Makes 8 Christmas Crackers and 16 Place Cards

Cracker Size: 30cm
Contents: 8x Crackers, 8x Snaps, 8x Hats, 8x Scrolls, 16x Place Cards, Raffia Ribbon

How to merchandise these ‘Make Your Own Christmas Crackers’:
Part of our ‘Craft with Santa’ range, merchandise these make your own Christmas crackers with the matching range of Christmas crafts, gifts and DIY Christmas decorations to catch the eye of artists old and young. Alternatively, the traditional design makes these Christmas crackers great to mix and match into different Christmas tableware themes.

Product: Widely Recycled
Packaging: Widely Recycled

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