Make sure your house is the talk of the neighbourhood and get your house Insta-ready this Christmas with this impressive balloon arch kit. Each pack contains enough balloons to completely transform the entrance to your house. With white, silver chrome and snowflake confetti balloons included, it couldn’t be easier to create a snowy magical Christmas entrance this year.

We have included clear instructions in every pack making it easy to create at home. Included in each pack are our handy balloon size guides which will ensure that every balloon is inflated to the correct size every time. Each balloon arch includes 6 metres of balloon tape, plenty to cover a doorway.

The best part is no helium is required! To make building easier we recommend using a hand balloon pump or an electric balloon pump.

Each pack contains:
12 x 5” clear confetti balloons with silver snowflakes
114 x 5″ white balloons
114 x 5″ silver chrome balloons
8 x silver card snowflakes
6m balloon tape, glue dots and string included for easy assembly
1 x 5″ balloon size guide included.

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