Host Your Own Zodiac Board Game


About this ‘Zodiac Game’:
What’s written in the stars for your future? Tempt the ‘Gen Z’ generation of astrologic lovers into your store with this Zodiac game. Based on astrological themes, work your way around the gameboard by rolling the dice as fate decides your next move. Perfect for a gifting section or games aisle.

Contents includes:
An Instruction booklets, 1x Gameboard, 200x Challenge Cards, 120x Challenge Tokens, 36x Playing Pieces, 6x Planet Tokens, 1x Astrological Profile Pad and 1x Wooden Dice

Recommended for age 13+ and 2-6 players.

How to play this ‘Zodiac Game’:
With the aim of completing your astrological profile, work your way around the gameboard by answering different questions about your fellow players, general knowledge on the zodiac signs or even a dare to test your courage and vulnerability. Once your profile is complete, move into the inner ring and hope the stars align as you race to the centre of the board to be crowned the winner.

How to merchandise this ‘Zodiac Game’:
The packaging of this zodiac board game has a dazzling constellation design that is sure to stop any Taurus, Gemini or Leo in their tracks. Part of our ‘Host Your Own’ games night range, this unique board game will stand out when positioned amongst your existing games offering or makes a modern addition to a gifting stand or window display.

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