Get everyone involved with this festive favourite Christmas game. The aim is to get creative and compete to be the best-dressed Christmas tree – with a 5 minute timer included we haven’t made this game easy! With green streamers, star headbands, and stickers all included, you’ll have all the accessories you need to make those Chrismtas trees come to life. Have a giggle with your friends and family and pick your favourite tree, and they win the gold Santa’s Little Helper badge!

A great family party game for everyone this Christmas, get creative with this tree-mendous dress up game!

This fun Christmas game includes in the pack:
180m of green crepe streamers
4 x Christmas light and star headbands
2 x Gold Star Sticker Sheets
2 x Bulb Light Sticker Sheets
2 x Bauble Sticker Sheets
1 x 5 minute timer
1 x Santa’s Little Helper gold pin badge

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